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Assassin's Retirement: Scion of Beowulf Chapter 6, Part 2 #blogstory

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The ring of metal hitting metal sounded just before Zane broke into a clearing. He slid to a stop in the snow. Prince stood in the middle of a dirt road, swinging his sword at a figure who used their rifle to block each attack. The moonlight was strong here, making it easier for him to discern a figure covered from head to foot in snow camouflage. For all Zane knew, the shooter could be a resident of McCall who Zane saw on a regular basis. He didn't train his gun at Prince's opponent. He wouldn't get a clear shot with Prince in the way. Instead he concentrated on the three creatures that were now crouched low to the ground as they slowly stalked up behind Prince. The spines along the center of their back quivered, giving away their excitement.
Zane moved to the side, attempting to get into a position where Prince wasn't in his line of sight. As he sidestepped, their twisted backs evolved into a pair of leath…

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