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6 Days and.Counting... #teaser

I am so ready for the waiting to be over!


Whatever happened in the coming days, as long as I stood by their side, I could face anything and anyone, even my brother. These two wonderful strong men would catch me if I fell.

With them, I felt invincible. --Tristan


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Release Day Blitz: The Necromancer's Dilemma by SJ Himes #giveaway


Whoot! It's here! I've been waiting for this to come out on audio fooorrrreeeevvvveeeerrr!

Title: The Necromancer’s Dilemma
Author: SJ Himes
Narrated By: Joel Leslie
Length: 7 hours 47 minutes
Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2
Release Date: July 21st 2017

Genre: MM Paranormal Romance, Fantasy


Even love can die without trust.

Angel's brother, Isaac, has returned home, and the pair begins to make slow and awkward attempts back to each other. Learning how to be a brother to a grown man instead of a parental figure has Angel adjusting his behaviors and habits, and Isaac still remains a mystery. Was it merely entering adulthood that turned Isaac away from an overprotective Angel, or does Isaac carry a secret that will keep them from finally being a real family?

Daniel Macavoy, Angel's new apprentice, is torn between his bond with Angel and the grasping machinations of his father. Dealing with a traumatized apprentice with dangerous holes in his magical education, saving Daniel may be harder than Angel first thought - especially since the biggest problem is not revenge, but guilt.

The one shining beacon in his life is Simeon, Elder vampire of Boston's only Bloodclan. Four hundred years old and sexy as sin, Simeon is warrior and sage, patient and cunning. The strength Angel draws from Simeon's devotion and the newborn mate-bond between them is steadfast and true - and the fount of death magic that animates the undead lord places Angel in the midst of a power struggle for control over himself, his lover, and his family.

Through it all, Angel is beleaguered by the unwanted attention of a troll-hybrid, the adventures of a dragon in the city, and a serial killer has decided to hunt the back alleys and midnight streets of Boston.

Contains male/male sexual content. Violence, gore, sex, vampires. A cute dragon and some snark. Okay, lots of snark.

Purchase: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK | iTunes

Find The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series on Goodreads


The entire back of the boy’s hand was split open by the intense heat, the skin white and thick, the flesh beneath cooked by the magic spike that turned the kettle and its contents into a kitchen supernova. The heat curled in his fingers, and the flesh was weeping fluids. Blisters distorted the edges of the worst of it, the flesh red and warped all the way up the back of his hand to his wrist. The curling of the hand was so severe he couldn’t see how badly Daniel’s palm was injured.

“Isaac, never mind, I need you here.” A burn this bad was not life threatening— not yet— Daniel was going into shock, but he wasn’t hovering on the edge of death, so Angel was unable to heal him. This injury was caused by intense and powerful heat— and so was under the purview of any practitioner with fire affinity. “You need to heal this.”

“I’m not a healer!” Isaac gasped out, but he came anyway. Angel grabbed his brother and yanked him down so they were both kneeling by Daniel’s hand. Angel held Daniel’s arm aloft, and put his other on Isaac’s shoulder.

“Isaac, all you need to do is settle into your inner sight, look at Daniel’s hand, and call to the heat in the injuries. The actual temperature has nothing to do with healing— this is a mental exercise that relies on how your brain interprets and processes the injury in his hand. It was caused by heat, and you can reverse the damage,” Angel instructed. He squeezed his hand on Isaac’s shoulder when a wave of uncertainty crossed his features. “No room for doubt. I taught you how to heal fire and heat based injuries before you even got your driver’s license, so don’t lie to yourself and think you can’t do this.”

“How… his hand… how can I fix that?” Isaac whispered, looking sick.

Book One

Title: The Necromancer’s Dance
Author: S J Himes
Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #1
Narrated by: Joel Leslie
Length: 8 Hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 21st March 2017
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, MM Romance

1 Necromancer's Dance Audio Cover


In a world where magic is real and evil walks amongst humanity, a young sorcerer is beset by enemies, both old and new.

Angelus Salvatore is the only necromancer in all of Boston, and his name is whispered warily by the undead and fellow sorcerers alike. He and his brother Isaac are the lone survivors of an attack by an army of the undead, in which Angel used a spell so powerful it forever marked his place in history. Now, years later, Angel struggles to balance his career as a teacher of the higher magical arts, his role as big brother, and a tenuous relationship with an Elder vampire from the local clan. When his brother's boyfriend is used as a pawn in a mysterious plot to draw Angel out, Angel is once again drawn back into the old hostilities that fueled the Blood Wars and led to his family's death.

Leaning on others for help is something Angel cannot do, and while he searches for clues as to who may be targeting him and his brother, Angel finds his heart steadily growing occupied with Simeon, Elder and vampire. Dealing with death magic and vampires on a daily basis may leave Angel jaded when it comes to life and staying that way, but the more time he spends fending off the ancient vampire's attention and affections, the more he realizes he wants to give in.

Can Angel find out who wants him dead, and keep his heart safe in the process? How can he fall for a vampire, when his whole family was torn apart by an army of the undead? Death stalks the streets of Boston's historic Beacon Hill...and there is no one more suited to battle against death than a necromancer.

Purchase: Audible US | Audible UK | Amazon US | Amazon UK I iTunes

Listen to an audio teaser from The Necromancer’s Dance at Soundcloud.


About the Author

I'm a self-employed writer who stresses out about the silliest things, like whether or not I got my dog the best kind of snack and the fact my kindle battery tends to die when I'm at the best part in a book. I write mainly gay romance, erotica, and urban fantasy, with ocasional forays into contemporary and paranormal. I love a book heavy on plot and character evolution, and throw in some magic, and that's perfection. My current series are: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer, Bred For Love (as Revella Hawthorne), and The Wolfkin Saga. My last two novels in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer won 3rd Place in the Gay Fantasy category for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

I live in New Orleans, where the personalities are big and loud and so are the bugs! New Orleans is rich in cultural history, and the flavor and music of the City is impossible to hide. Before that, I lived all over the United States: Tampa, Western Massachusetts, Indianapolis, and on and on.... I'm a nomad, and I've yet to find a place that calls to me strongly enough to become home. My faithful travel companions are my dog Micah, the numerous voices in my head who insist they all get put on paper, and the wind at my back.

Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Facebook Fan Group | Twitter | Amazon

About the Narrator

web version joel arm

Joel Leslie is a UK transplant, growing up with American parents in a British commonwealth. A classically trained actor with an MFA in theatre from USC, he is often cast for his unique ability to deliver native, authentic combinations of American and British sounds. His great range and ability to bring characters to life with honesty, wit and versatility delights producers and listeners alike.

He is proud to have a strong following with m/m listeners and an ongoing relationship with some of the finest writers in the genre. He loves that every day he gets to share these beautiful, inspirational and empowering GLBT characters with the world. When not in the booth he spends his time chasing after two loquacious wiener dogs.

Find a list of Joel’s books on Audible

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Alexis Duran: Death By Starlight Blog Tour #interview #giveaway


Welcome all!

Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Alexis Duran, author of Death by Starlight, Book 2 in the Edge of Night series.

Hi Alexis, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hi! Thanks for the opportunity. By day I toil as a bookkeeper for several nonprofits, including the local opera and ballet. Sometimes those jobs provide more writing inspiration than I want them to. There's no drama like opera drama! At night (actually by morning- I write first thing every day) I write the stories of my dreams; super sexy gay romance in the fantasy and science fiction genres, and occasionally in the real world, though I feel the real world is overrated.

What were you like at school? 

 Painfully shy, too tall, nerdy, bookworm. But that's all behind me now, except for the nerdy bookworm part.

So, what have you written?

I have two gay romance series going, The Masters and Mages high fantasy series, and Edge of Night, which is urban fantasy. Several of my stand-alone novels and novellas have been published, and I participated in the multi-author series Order of the Black Knights. (My knight is Matthias). If you'd like to dab a toe in, I released a short story, The Wrong Elf, and it's up on Amazon for .99. My blog is and that's a good place to check out excerpts from all of my works.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

The main character in Death by Starlight is Ian Evers. He's a reporter for the Cosmic Eye, a tabloid in Seattle. He also happens to be part-human and part-elf. To complicate things, his mother, a dark elf, defied social constrictions and prejudice and had a fling with a light elf, which is why Ian has spent his life hidden from both sides, unaware of his true nature. The dark and light elves have been warring for centuries, so things get really awkward when Ian falls in love with a dark elf. Turns out the coming together of light and dark might be just what's needed to save both races, not to mention all of the realms, magical and human.

What are you working on at the minute? 

I love old world lore and fairy tales, the more twisted the better. After the success of my first twisted fairy tale, Gryffon Hall, I decided this might just be the subgenre for me. I'm currently writing an m/m version of Snow White and am having a ridiculous amount of fun with it. On a deeper level, it's been very interesting and enlightening to take a role previously consigned to a hapless princess and putting a not-so-hapless prince in it instead. Society's prejudices toward both genders becomes glaringly apparent as I navigate my way around those pitfalls, creating a new and fun dynamic within the ancient story structure.

Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block? 

 I don't want to jinx myself, but I don't get writer's block anymore. Yes, I do write myself down dead-end alleys, or create big plot knots for myself that leave me gnashing my teeth and staring at the screen, but that's different from a block. Working through a story problem is writing, even if your fingers aren't moving. A true block is when you stare at the screen (or don't even bother putting yourself in a writing position) and don't know how or where to start, when you can't get excited enough about any idea to get your fingers moving. What really helped me way back when was a couple of inspirational books, Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg and The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. They both provide great inspiration, tips and tricks for overcoming dry spells. Women Who Run With Wolves, by Clarissa Pikola Estes is also a fabulous book for those who fear their block might run deep and hard. My copy of that book is bristling with sticky notes, let me tell you. Several phrases I've collected over the years have helped me tremendously: Writing is like sex, always keep your hand moving. I give myself permission to write the worst crap in the world. No writing is wasted writing. Fix it in the rewrite. Essentially they all boil down to "just do it and the fabulousness will follow".

Title: Death By Starlight
Author: Alexis Duran
Series: Edge of Night #2
Release Date: July 19th 2017
Genre: Paranormal MM Romance/Fantasy


In Betwixt and Between, Ian and Zeke fought a battle against the queen of the dark realm in order to be together. Now, just when they think they might settle into as normal a life as elves living among humans might be able to expect, a new enemy threatens to tear them apart. While Zeke helps the shaman Alistair in his hunt for an elusive mermaid, Ian is called to confront a wicked nymph preying on tourists along Seattle's waterfront. Zeke and Ian soon discover that the defeated Queen Ysolde has spread her evil into the sea realms, and danger lurks beneath every wave. But it's too late to stop an escalating series of confrontations that lead to disappearances, death and the possible end of light in this world.

As Ysolde plots revenge and a mysterious prince seeks to win Ian for himself, the ancient war between light and dark sweeps Ian and Zeke into its maelstrom of hate, testing their trust for each other to the utmost.

Purchase: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Loose ID

You can find the book on GoodReads


“Someone has to restore the balance between light and dark energy. I’m one of the last of my kind. I might be the only one who can do it.” Ian slid his hands off the table and rested them on his thighs. He expected derisive laughter from Zeke or a gentle clucking accompanied by a sad shake of the head. Sure, Ian Evers, nobody reporter for a gossip rag, half-breed elf, was going to save the world and fix what Ysolde spent centuries destroying. 

Zeke’s face remained impassive, but a storm brewed in his eyes. “You’re not the last of the liosa. Others escaped.” 

“I might as well be. They’re all gone, run off to hide out beyond…” Ian waved a hand in the air, signifying that remote world he sometimes glimpsed when they made love.

Glaring out the windows into their backyard, Zeke breathed deeply but said nothing. Ian continued.

“If I start with some miniscule adjustments, push back against the places the dark realm has encroached on this world, maybe some liosa will come out of hiding.”

“They won’t like you being with a svarta,” Zeke said.

“That’s their problem. I know I might never be buddies with other liosa, but we could use their help, right? If Ysolde is plotting to retake her throne like you say, and the svarta are behind her—”

“Only some of them. We don’t need anyone’s help.”

“Yes, we do. We never would’ve defeated Ysolde without Alistair’s and Cleona’s help.”

Zeke leaned forward, his gaze now focused intently on Ian. “We’re stronger now. We need to concentrate on solidifying our connection and making sure no one can break it.”

“You think someone could?” Ian asked. Surprised by the fear he saw lurking behind his lover’s composure, he instinctively put his hands on the table and reached for Zeke’s. Zeke allowed his hands to be held without reacting.

“You couldn’t track me in the dark realm,” Zeke said. “I’m afraid the same would be true if you ever go off into the realm of light. I’ll lose you.”


Title: Betwixt and Between
Release Date: June 29th 2015
Genre: Paranormal MM Romance, Fantasy


Reporter Ian Evers, obsessed with magical creatures since childhood, never experiences satisfying proof that the magical realm actually exists until he falls into an entrapment spell set by a handsome but dangerous elf. Barely escaping with his soul intact, Ian is able to undo the hex, but he can't escape the very real infatuation he's developed for the fierce, alluring elf.

Ezekiel Stormshadow is a svarta, a dark elf who serves the queen of the dark realm. The realm of darkness needs the power of light to survive, and while hunting the last few magical beings on earth, Ezekiel discovers Ian, a light elf who's unaware of his true nature and ripe for the plucking. Their brief encounter awakens a great hunger in Ezekiel, and he's determined to feast on the light elf's power and body before the queen intervenes and claims Ian for herself.

Ian knows only he can save Ezekiel from the grasp of the dark queen. Driven apart by the ancient imbalance between the dark and light realms, an evil queen starved for power, and their fear of each other, Ian and Ezekiel are relentlessly drawn together even though their union might destroy them both.

Find Betwixt and Between on Goodreads

: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Loose ID

GIVEAWAY: Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card
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About the Author

Alexis Duran was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. At the University of Oregon, her fascination with people and relationships led her to major in Sociology, but her main love has always been creative writing. She has worked in museums, in fashion, in finance and film production. Her favorite job so far was Administrative Assistant in a haunted Victorian Mansion. She's had several short stories published in the mystery, horror and literary genres, and one contemporary fantasy novel. Her fiction has won several awards including the Rupert Hughes Award from the Maui Writers Conference. She's thrilled to enter the realm of erotic romance with the publication of her novels Touch of Salar, Blood of Salar and To Catch A Threeve. She's is currently working on the next in the Masters and Mages series and several other m/m erotic novellas.

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Pinterest

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9 Days and Counting... #teaser

This is where I start finding things to take my mind off the fact that Releasing Chaos is releasing mid next week. 


"The way you look at me, as if you don't see the darkness tainting my Flame or the scars twisting my face, makes me wish for a different fate than the one I've chosen." -Theodore Sullivan


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What is on the Reading Radar? #WishList #TBR

What am I doing? Well, worked on the galley to Releasing Chaos this week. I wished I had more time before the release. That book is so big that I'm afraid that I've missed something. I always worry before a new release but this time I seem to be in overdrive.

On the agenda today, after I finish putting together this blog because I just love doing things like this the last minute, is to see if I can finish a flash fiction piece today for the blog tour. Tristan finds out Corleone has knocked up Dancing Socks. :) It's going to be funny.

In the meantime, here's a quick wishlist of books I'd like to read when I have time again.

Title: The Lonely Merman
Series(Landlocked Heart Book 1)
Author(s): Kay Berrisford
Length: 99 pages
Publisher: LT3 Press

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Gay / 

Notes: Ms. Berriford wrote another merman book that I loved to pieces, The Merman and the Barbarian Pirate.


It's Friday afternoon, and the last thing Ben wants to be doing is trudging through a wet forest in search of a public hazard. But duty calls, and turns out more exciting than Ben imagined when he encounters a magical ruin, an enchanted pool, and Lyle—a merman who's cursed to be landlocked many miles from the sea.

Lyle is flamboyant and exciting—he's got tentacles, for goodness sake!—and Ben falls hard. But Lyle's been hurt before and finds trust difficult, refusing even to reveal how to break the curse that imprisons him. Ben's just an ordinary guy, and can't help wondering if he can ever be the hero Lyle needs.

Title: Faerie Bound
Author(s): Jenna Castille
Length: 157 pages
PublisherLoose Id LLC (June 27, 2017)

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Fantasy / BDSM / Gay / Shifters /



Garrick has spent the better part of his life making his Las Vegas lupin pack the strongest of all the post-war human-born paranormal groups. Now he wants something for himself--a mate. But how will his pack respond if they discover their Alpha is a closeted sexual submissive?

Not the typical faerie prince, Faolan is disobedient, lives in exile, and has more piercings than a punk band. He's also a sexual dominant longing for someone to call his own.

What are a lovelorn faerie and wolf to do? Turn to a paranormal dating service, of course. When Divine Intervention pairs Garrick and Faolan, it's a match made in BDSM heaven, and the resulting explosion a conflagration of passion the likes of which neither has ever known.

Of course, the reactions to a wolf/faerie union are just as heated...

Note: This book was previously released by another publisher.

Title: Fever Lust
Series(Bound To Me Book 1)
Author(s): Lizzie Lynn Lee
Length: 79 pages

Genre: Erotic Romance / Paranormal / Angels / Gay / Bisexual /

Notes: Love PL Nunn covers.


Joshua Smithe is your typical boy next door. He has a good look. A steady job. Girlfriend. Well, an ex-girlfriend. And he certainly had never thought he could swing the other way around. No, sir. Not until he meets the Shaezu twins. For the first time in his life, men make his cock hard. And that is very confusing.

Arael and Drasen Shaezu are descendants of the Fallens. In order to achieve Enlightenment, their kind must bond with humans. When they come to Earth in search of their bond mate, they discover that Josh is the one. Now, all they need to do is convince Josh that two gorgeous, otherworldly winged Fallens are better than one bitchy ex-girlfriend.

Title: Alien Frog Prince
Author(s): JM Page, Juno Wells
Length: 227 pages

Genre: Sweet Romance (no sex) / In Space / Fated Mates / 

Notes: OMG, the title.


It’s not easy being green and unloved. Can an amphibious prince woo a socially awkward human?
A rueful royal...

Prince Zakrom feels like everyone on Granota has found their One — their beloved for life — except him. His worried parents send him to visit Earth, hoping it will distract him from his solitude. Zak finds more than a distraction: Jennifer, the lovely human at the Interstellar Embassy, is his One! But surely such a beautiful creature can’t be interested in a strange-looking alien like him.

A diplomatic dilemma...

With the Ambassador called away on urgent business, Jen’s in a panic at being left in charge of the Prince’s visit. She loves learning about alien cultures, but somehow missed the file on the Granotans and is totally unprepared. If she blunders too badly, she could cause a diplomatic incident or even trigger an attack on Earth!

A galactic gambit...

But despite her constant gaffes, the Prince doesn’t seem upset. In fact, he seems to like her… rather a lot. When he invites her to visit his planet, will this unlikely couple finally have the chance to share an enchanted Kiss that will change everything?

Alien Frog Prince is 20,000 words of sweet, clean romance, with NO swearing, graphic violence, or explicit sexual content. Enjoy!

Title: Beyond the Wide Wall
SeriesEpic Fallacy, 2
Author(s): Michael James Ploof
Length: 279 pages
PublisherTraveling Bard Publishing (April 30, 2017)

Genre: Epic Fantasy /  LGBTIAQ Characters / New Adult / 



The Champions of the Dragon have survived the darklings, bandits, flocks of harpies, cyclopes, and have finally reached the Wide Wall—now the hard part begins.

Murland and the companions must now travel west beyond the Wide Wall, through the Forest of the Dead, past the Swamp of Doom, over the Horrible Hills, across the Long Sand, all the way to the shadowy peak of Bad Mountain. For Drak'Noir awaits her sacrifice.

Taken prisoner by the fearless Captain McArgh, Princess Caressa, Valkimir, Hagus, and Dingleberry are traveling farther away from the champions with every passing minute. If they cannot figure out a way to escape, they will never reach the champions in time to deliver their shocking message.

Meanwhile, Kazimir plays a dangerous game with Zuul, the Dark Lord reborn, and Headmaster Zorromon the Off-White sets out to save Murland from a fool’s fate.

Beyond the Wide Wall, Book 2 of Epic Fallacy, is a satirical high-adventure romp through the Fantasy genre in the tradition of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. From USA Today Bestselling Author Michael James Ploof.

Title: A Plague of Dragons
Length: 526 pages
PublisherLyrical Lit. Publishing; 1 edition (March 31, 2017)

Genre: Anthology / Dragons / Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Romantic & Non-romantic /


BlurbFrom the visionary minds of six prolific authors comes a mesmerizing collection of dragons. 

Brutality by Michael K. Rose - For generations, the dragons have come to feed. The islanders have grown accustomed to death and destruction, but behind the creatures’ brutality lies a horrifying secret that could be the key to their ultimate defeat.

Molten Heart by Katie Salidas – She doesn’t know he’s a dragon, and Dax would prefer to keep it that way. But when another of his kind threatens to destroy Jane’s island home, Dax will have to reveal his true form, and risk losing her forever to save her.

Flame and Form by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson - When Brienne intervenes on behalf of a draghan, a wild, fire-breathing beast from the realm of Firiehn, she only means to save the creature from a fate worse than death. What Brienne doesn't realize, however, is that this monster is cru-athru, a shapeshifter capable of transforming into a man, one whose very presence heats her blood like draghan fire.

Lucidium: Rise of the Dragons by Alexia Purdy - Dragons weren’t meant to be caged. Catori must escape an ancient order bent on hunting down the last of her kind or face certain extinction.

A Cold Fire by Jason Lavelle – Jenisia was only a girl when her family was murdered before her eyes. Instead of breaking her spirit, the tragedy shaped Jenisia into a weapon, an instrument for revenge against the fierce dragon race that terrorizes their world. But despite her cunning and her skills, Jenisia might not be strong enough to face these real demons.

The Sky Hunter by David Jones - Stolen as a child and raised by an advanced race of dragons on an island in the sky, Ilana is blessed with a suit of armor that grants her extraordinary abilities. But when she's shot out of the sky and crash lands on the surface world, she discovers the grisly truth about what humanity has become and why she was raised to be a deadly weapon.

Title: What the Cat Dragged In
Series(Sanctuary Book 2)
Author(s): BA Tortuga
Length: 216 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Genre: Romance / Paranormal / Shifters / Gay / 

Notes: I really enjoyed the first book in this series.

BlurbDon’t people know that cats and dogs don’t mix?

Connor Ragbone finds things. Sometimes it’s gold, sometimes jewels, sometimes people. Set in his hippie ways, he never thought he’d find a pack, but with Sam and Gus and their goofy shifter family, he fits right in. Then he finds Brock.

Shifter Brock Herman is undercover alone, working to break up a poaching ring. The last thing he needs is for Connor to wreck his sting. And now the crazy bobcat just won’t go away!

The poachers lead Brock and Connor on a merry chase all over Western Colorado looking for shifter bears, but it’s a lost pup who brings them back to Nevada and the pack Sam and Gus are building. That’s when Brock has to decide whether he still travels alone or if Connor and his crazy family are where his heart belongs.

This follow-up to Just Like Cats and Dogs is a feel-good shifter romance novel where cats and dogs prove they can be way more than the enemies nature has made them.

Title: The Avian Emperor
Author(s): Pelaam
Length: 212 pages
PublisherEvernight Publishing (August 15, 2016)

Genre: Romance / Contemporary / Historical? / Gay /



Pinkerton man Bram McCabe likes to work alone. But when a madman titling himself the Avian Emperor threatens the world's skies, he's forced to work with an English team already on the case.

Things go from bad to worse for Bram when he takes more than a professional interest in Vyvian—a man with a secretive past. Each man dances around the other, hiding their true feelings, knowing they live in very different worlds.

The Avian Emperor is as cunning and lethal as he is intelligent and when he kidnaps Vyvian, Bram holds the key to finding him. Bram will do anything it takes to rescue Vyvian. But is he willing to unlock his own inner secrets?

Title: Glamour
Author(s): Kayla Bain-Vrba
Length: 40 pages

Genre: Romance / Fantasy / Fairy Tale / Gay



Pip is a hopeless romantic living in a small town with his cobbler father and stepmother. His stepmother's greatest wish is to move to court, but his father insists they find Pip a husband first. Not willing to wait any longer, his evil stepmother spreads a rumor that Pip can turn pebbles into jewels, and make those precious gems into slippers. 

When the Aelfin king hears of this, he has Pip captured and thrown in the dungeon. Pip has one night to make the king a pair of gemstone slippers, or his life is forfeit. Luckily for Pip, who has never worked with a single gemstone much less an entire slipper's worth, the king's son has magical powers that can make bejeweled slippers—and he wants revenge on the king for casting him out.

The two strike a bargain, but one pair of jeweled slippers leads to more and more demands, and Pip swiftly runs out of things to trade, until all that remains is his heart...

Title: Say You Won't Let Go
SeriesA Return to Me/Masters and Mercenaries
Author(s): Corinne Michaels
PublisherEvil Eye Concepts, Incorporated (April 10, 2018)

Genre: Anthology-Collection / Romance / Contemporary / Cowboys / 

Notes: I did not notice that this was due to release in... Seriously? 2018

BlurbEmily Young had two goals in her life:
1. Make it big in country music.
2. Get the hell out of Bell Buckle.

She was doing it. She was on her way, until Cooper Townsend landed backstage at her show in Dallas.

This gorgeous, rugged, man of few words was one cowboy she couldn’t afford to let distract her. But with his slow smile and rough hands, she just couldn’t keep away.

With outside forces conspiring against them, Cooper hires the McKay-Taggart team to protect her. Emily refuses to let Cooper get hurt because of her. All she wants is to hold onto him, but she knows the right thing to do is to let go . . .

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

13 Days and Counting... #teaser

In less than 2 weeks Releasing Chaos will be out. *bites nails*


The long slender body had multiple pairs of legs with webbed feet and his scales—the dragon was definitely male—were a mix of white among shades of light browns. His massive head had a thick ribbed snout and bearded whiskers under his chin. His eyes were closed as if he slumbered peacefully. I would, too, if I were encased in a block of ice. --Ushna


Monday, July 17, 2017

16 Days and Counting... #teaser

Sixteen days left!


"You dare?" She asked as if she couldn't believe I'd talk smack to her. She deserved it with all of the you dares.

"Every day of my life." --Stan